October 28th Blood Drive!

October 28th Blood Drive!

Sep 20, 2023

🩸 Be a Hero, Save Lives! Join Us on October 28th for a Blood Drive at CCP supporting the American Red Cross! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Hey there, superhero in disguise! We've got a mission for you, and it's not to save the world from supervillains—it's to save lives right here in our community. 🌍❤️

Mark your calendars for October 28th, because we're hosting a blood drive at CCP, and we need you to step up and be the hero that countless people are waiting for. 🗓️

Imagine the incredible feeling of knowing that your donation can help someone in their time of need. It's like having your own Bat-Signal, but instead of fighting crime, you're battling critical shortages in blood supply. 💪💉

But here's the catch: space for appointments is limited, and we don't want to leave any potential heroes behind. So, don't delay! Click the link below to find your time slot and secure your spot in our lifesaving lineup:

Sign up link! Click here!

When you donate blood, you're not just giving a part of yourself; you're giving hope, strength, and a second chance at life. It's a superpower that only you possess, and it's as easy as sitting back in a comfy chair while our skilled team does the rest. 😌🪑

Plus, as if saving lives wasn't rewarding enough, there are often delicious snacks and refreshments waiting for you after your heroic act. Who knew being a hero could taste so good? 🍪🥤

So, come on, capes and all, and be a part of our October 28th blood drive at CCP. Your contribution will make you a real-life hero, and you'll leave with a heart full of pride and gratitude, knowing that you've made a difference. 💓

Don't wait, book your appointment now, and let's make October 28th a day filled with heroes! 💥 

Where: In Fellowship Hall at Community Church of Poway

When: Saturday, October 28th 8am-2pm 

Notes: Sponsor Code is “Poway”